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Home Insurance Tips

This is only a small outline of the aspects you will need to take into consideration while maintaining your home, so having a proper look at your home insurance policy to see exactly what you are covered against is strongly advised.If you have been neglectful with any home repairs or upkeep then you may find it very difficult to impossible to obtain a pay out if required down the line.

water is one of houses’ big enemies, if ignored leading to a myriad of problems. Dampness which can lead to rot can be prevented by a number of measures.

  1. Ensure all the gutters on your home are checked and free of leaves or other small debris which can cause blockages, allowing water to enter your home.You should also check that the damp course on your property is functioning efficiently and repair any problem areas.
  2. Checking your roof for loose tiles and broken seals can prevent water from entering this way.
    Keeping your home’s paintwork free from cracks and blisters can help prevent damage to the structure of your home.
  3. If you have any climbing plants around your home, make sure they are trimmed down regularly as they can get out of control quicker than you may think!
  4. Damage from falling trees is something that most buildings cover policies will protect against. If however, it was an already rotting tree that causes damage to your house, then your insurer may not pay out.

If you are unsure about any aspect of your home insurance, then its best to talk with your insurance company.

Home Insurance Tips:

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